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  • The Pasts and Futures of Queer Marxism

    Petrus Liu, Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature, and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Boston University

    • 02 April, 2018, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    • 300 Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley
  • As the neoliberal crisis has brought about new conditions of vulnerability, precarity, and disposability, there is a resurgence of critical interest in the meeting points between queer theory and Marxism, two intellectual traditions that have previously been characterized as analytically distinct, historically successive, and even politically incompatible. While intellectual projects aimed at synthesizing these traditions […]

  • Autonomia: On the Entwinement of “Workerism” and “Aesthetic Autonomy:” Notes on Italy as the Crucible of the [Neo] Avant-Garde

    Jaleh Mansoor, Associate Professor of Art History, Visual Art, and Theory, University of British Columbia

    • 05 April, 2018, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    • 3335 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley
  • While economics and aesthetics constitute discrete and irreconcilable forms of inquiry, the Italian context, 1949-73, offers a notable, vivid, even canonized (Arte Povera) exception. Through a reading of Piero Manzoni’s oeuvre, its influential aftermath, and its international reception, Mansoor demonstrates the degree to which first operaismo and then autonomia came to determine shifts in aesthetics […]

  • Non-Authoritarian Authority: A Critical Theory of Politics for our Times

    Maeve Cooke, Professor of Philosophy, University College Dublin

    • 16 April 2018 -
    • 3401 Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley
  • What makes a political theory a critical theory of politics? What critical theory of politics responds best to the particular challenges of our times? Drawing on a conception of critical theory indebted to the Frankfurt School tradition of theorizing, but integrating new impulses from outside it, I identify the salient features of a critical theory […]


    • 18 April, 2018, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    • 340 Moffitt Library, UC Berkeley
  • The working group’s final meeting is a culmination of sorts, intended to draw out the constellations we have been collaboratively building all along, between the contested and shifting terrains of “the state”, “the global”, and “the public sphere” and the ways in which bodies are represented in (or not) and circulated through (or not) such […]