Critical Theory Designated Emphasis Writing Group 2015-16 Meetings Commence

Critical Theory’s Writing Group is a student-led effort that brings the Designated Emphasis (DE) community together to support all aspects of the writing process. Now in its third year, the group creates a space for Critical Theory DEs to discuss aspects and challenges of the writing experience in a cross-disciplinary context. The group supports all academic writing pursuits, including project development, dissertation chapters, journal articles, and conference presentations. DE students at all stages of the research and dissertation-writing process are invited to attend and contribute. Meetings are bi-weekly throughout the semester. Critical Theory DE Students may drop in as time permits.

Fall 2015 Schedule
12-2 pm
340 Moffitt Library (next to the Free Speech Movement Café)

Friday, September 11
Friday, September 25
Friday, October 9
Friday, October 23
Friday, November 6
Friday, November 20 (This meeting held in 3401 Dwinelle Hall)
Friday, December 4