Critical Theory Students Co-Edit New Book

In 2014-15, sponsored by the Critical Theory DE and the UC Humanities Research Institute, William Callison (Political Science, 2019) and Zachary Manfredi (Rhetoric) organized a highly successful year-long working group and conference on “Neoliberalism and Biopolitics.”  Their efforts have culminated in the publication of Mutant Neoliberalism: Market Rule and Political Ruptureavailable now.

Mutant Neoliberalism brings together leading scholars of neoliberalism—political theorists, historians, philosophers, anthropologists, and sociologists—to rethink transformations in market rule and their relation to ongoing political ruptures. The chapters show how years of neoliberal governance, policy, and depoliticization created the conditions for thriving reactionary forces, while also reflecting on whether recent trends will challenge, reconfigure, or extend neoliberalism’s reach. The contributors reconsider neoliberalism’s relationship with its assumed adversaries and map mutations in financialized capitalism and governance across time and space—from Europe and the United States to China and India. Taken together, the volume recasts the stakes of contemporary debate and reorients critique and resistance within a rapidly changing landscape.

Contributors include: Étienne Balibar, Sören Brandes, Wendy Brown, Melinda Cooper, Julia Elyachar, Michel Feher, Megan Moodie, Christopher Newfield, Dieter Plehwe, Lisa Rofel, Leslie Salzinger, Quinn Slobodian.