Critical Theory Receives Humanities Grant for Working Group on Neoliberalism and Biopolitics

The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) has selected The Program in Critical Theory to receive $10,000 toward a 2014-2015 working group on neoliberalism and biopolitics. The student- and faculty-led working group will engage critical scholarship on neoliberalism and biopolitics, and consider, among other questions, the compatibility or incommensurability of various approaches to the concepts and practices represented by the key terms.

Sessions are organized around the collective reading of canonical and contemporary texts on neoliberalism and biopolitics, focusing especially on Marxian and Foucaldian approaches, technological developments in the regulation of life, and governmentality across borders. Working group sessions commence in Fall 2014 and lead up to a conference scheduled for February 2015.

UCHRI Working Groups provide financial and technological resources for University of California faculty to support research collaboration and communication within the extended range of humanities disciplines. They are designed to catalyze collaboration between individuals from different disciplines, locations, and UC campuses around a specific problem, theme, object or topic.