CT Faculty Offer Six Critical Theory Courses in Fall 2018

CT faculty will be teaching six fall 2018 courses that count towards the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. These courses reflect the interdisciplinary breadth of the Program, with core and elective options in Comparative Literature, Gender and Women’s Studies, Rhetoric, Law, Education, Film, and German.

For more information on fall courses and the curricular requirements of the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory, please visit our Courses page.

Fall 2018 Critical Theory Courses:

  • Aesthetics as Critique: Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory |¬†Comparative Literature 221.1
    Robert Kaufman
  • Gender and Capitalism | Gender and Women’s Studies 235
    Leslie Lane Salzinger
  • Ethics without Morals: Nietzsche and Adorno | Rhetoric 240G.2
    James Porter
  • American Legal History | Critical Theory 290.1 | Law 267.4
    Christopher Tomlins
  • Sociocultural Critique of Education | Education 280A.1¬†Proseminar
    Zeus Leonardo
  • Cinema of Crisis | Film 240.2 | Germans 265.1
    Tony Kaes