Congratulations to Our New Designated Emphasis Students

The Program in Critical Theory is delighted to welcome seventeen new students to the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. The new cohort includes graduate students from ten departments in the social sciences, humanities, and professional schools. These new admits, which bring the total number of Critical Theory DE students to approximately 115 (the largest such program at Berkeley), are:

  • Rusana Cieply, Anthropology
  • Leo Dunsker, English
  • Sherine Ebadi, Geography
  • Matthew Grumbach, Sociology
  • Zachary Hicks, Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Mohamed Jarada, Anthropology
  • Jessica Laser, English
  • David Maldonado, Education
  • Alejandro MĂșnera, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Pedro Hurtado Ortiz, Comparative Literature
  • Angus Reid, English
  • Laila Riazi, Comparative Literature
  • Jared Robinson, English
  • Lubna Safi, Near Eastern Studies
  • Robyn Taylor-Neu, Anthropology
  • Oren Yirmiya, Near Eastern Studies
  • David Youd, Classics

The Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory offers courses on the nineteenth-century notion of critique; on the Frankfurt School and other twentieth-century currents of critical theory and philosophy; and on contemporary forms and modes of critical theory, including critical race theory, postcolonialist theory, feminist critique, gender studies and queer theory, and the diverse approaches to critique arising with and after structuralism and poststructuralism. The Program emphasizes the centrality of theoretical critique in the examination of contemporary values, of the power relations that constrain and enable political, social, cultural and economic life, and of the modes of justification that legitimate historical and cultural inquiry and sociopolitical analysis. For more information on the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory, please visit our Academics page.

Please join us in welcoming our newest students to the Program in Critical Theory!