The Program in Critical Theory Welcomes Visiting Scholar Lucie K. Mercier

Lucie K. Mercier is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy. Prior to coming to UC Berkeley (2021–22), she was a Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London (2016–19) where she obtained her PhD in 2016, as well as a visiting scholar at the University of Paris 8 (2020–21). Her research addresses the ways in which questions of race and coloniality interfere with the concepts, models and practices of philosophy and challenge the history of philosophy as a discipline.

Her current project, which is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, addresses this problem through an investigation of Frantz Fanon’s works, which she proposes to analyze under the heading of Fanon’s “critical dramaturgy.” In a first offshoot of this project, due to appear in a forthcoming issue of Critical Times, she addresses Fanon’s philosophy of expressive language and the way in which he theorizes the “translatability” or “communicability” of experience. She has published on a variety of topics, in particular on Michel Serres and French 1960s epistemology, race, aesthetics and method in the history of philosophy. (For an indicative list of publications, see: or

Lucie is a member of the Radical Philosophy editorial collective, and she regularly takes part in a number of long-lasting, friendly study groups.