Welcome Back Message, Fall 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

As all are aware, Berkeley’s Program in Critical Theory, like the rest of the university, enters the fall semester much as we ended the spring. With campus activity restricted and much of our work forced into virtual form, we continue to confront not only an unusual moment, but also the expanding sequence of crises that have produced it. While our seminars and other events assume new guises, however, the critical labor they reflect remains unchanged, merely sharpened by our circumstances. As we welcome everyone to a new academic year, we hope that all will remain engaged in this collective work.

As always, we invite you to add yourself to the Critical Theory mailing list, and to join us in the year’s upcoming events. And we remind you too that, especially in a moment of financial uncertainty, we are always grateful for any support that you might be able to spare.

Housed in the Critical Theory program, the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs will be hosting during this academic year a series of discussions with artists, scholars and activists about the four research themes identified for this grant period: The Environment, Ecology and Forms of Life; Debt, Vulnerability and Forms of Care; Camps, Borders, and Hospitality; Defeat, Steadfastness, and the Future. There will also be conversations with authors and critics on recent book releases from the Critical South book series.

Dan Blanton, Natalia Brizuela, and Samera Esmeir