Welcome from the Directors, Fall 2017

We’re back, and not wasting any time.

This fall we’ll soon be debating post- and non-humanism with Marta Segarra and Christopher Peterson, before diagnosing leaderless social movements with Michael Hardt in October. November will take us to Brazil for The Ends of Democracy, the second conference in the ICCTP cycle. The monthly Critical Theory Working Group, Collaborations, Co-operatives, Coalition-Building, will be our bridge from fall to spring, when ICCTP will take us to Johannesburg. On campus we’ll engage with Jacques Rancière, Saskia Sassen, and ICCTP visiting scholar Zaynep Gambetti in February and March. Along the way Maeve Cooke from UCD will give us a talk, and towards the end we’ll recruit a new cohort of Designated Emphasis students and reward promising projects with dissertation fellowships. Throughout the year we’ll be teaching, mentoring the next generation of Critical Theory scholars.

If you’re not already involved, please add yourself to our mailing list. If you are, and are feeling generous, we’d welcome any change you can spare.

Suzanne Guerlac and Dan Blanton
Co-Directors, The Program in Critical Theory